Yojoa Lake

The big marshes and forests around Lago de Yojoa, located in the area between the Valle de Sula and the central highlands, boast the country’s largest variety of bird species. One count put the number of species close to 400. Whatever the exact number, the lake and surrounding forests are one of the best places for birding in Honduras. One of so many good places is Finca Las Glorias, Cerro Azul Meambar (panacam), Los Naranjos National Park ; another is the mountain of Santa Bárbara near El Cedral one of best areas in Honduras for Resplendent Quetzal., lake areas would be good for species such as:

Keel Billed mot mot, Black faced anthrush, Resplendent quetzal, Royal flycatcher, Black crested coquette, Rufous breasted spinetail, Spotted rail, Gray breasted crake, And many others.


Transportation fron hotel to birding spots, Guided tour from 5:00 am to 5:00 pm or later, Entrance fees to Panacam and Los Naranjos National Park, Coffee and Snacks

Note: recommended tours up of two days to cover most of the best areas in the lake and surroundings, for a full included tour in Yojoa go to: lake yojoa expedition

Special Birds