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Our Experience

Honduran Birds specializes in leading birding tours to Honduras With over 10 years of experience in the country we have led many people all over different sites into this country

Our knowledge of Honduras means that we can offer you the best birding service with itineraries adapted to your style of bird watching.

About our services

We can help you to organize your next trip to Honduras with English speaking guides, considering food, lodging, transportation and the best birding spots.

Although we specialize in individuals and group birding tours and if you love photography we take you into the right spots for it

Special Tours for your Interest

Honduras, still mostly off the beaten track, is a hidden birding gem in Central America. Many people do not realize that this small country is the regional leader in terms of the percentage of land set aside as national parks and preserves, surpassing even Costa Rica in this regard. Sitting astride the Northern Central America endemic region, this increasingly popular country also boasts an impressive diversity of regional endemics within its many ecosystems, such as Bushy-crested Jay and Green-breasted Mountaingem. In addition, several bird species are easier to see here than elsewhere in their range, such as Lovely Cotinga and Keel-billed Motmot. For those who love motmots, Honduras happens to be the center of diversity for this family. Our carefully designed itinerary targets most of the Northern Central America endemics as well as five species of motmots, including the rare and sought-after Tody and Blue-throated Motmots.

We depart  from the hotel 10 kms of distance towards this birding areas (La laguna o El Malcote) La Laguna trails have a mix of pine and oak forest ending in a big patch of montane forest. El Malcote has a mix of tropical rainforest into a big coffee plantation  the  bird watching trails are very easy and moderated, to be able to enjoy the opportunity to observe a wide variety of birds due to the fact that most of the 200 bird species of Honduras live  in this two areas.

Pick-up and ground transfer to The Lodge at Pico Bonito, the highly acclaimed birding/rain forest resort within 270,000 acre Pico Bonito National Park. Afternoon arrival at The Lodge will afford us time to unpack, refresh and enjoy some light birding of the Lodge grounds before dinner.

Being conservative expect up of 300+ species during the trip.