The most important forest of the center part of Honduras is formed by a set of subtropical rainforests including the wonderful PANACAM and the second highest mountain Santa Barbara Forest in the adjacent areas to Lake Yojoa. These forests host dozens of unique species of orchids, small primates, bats of rare habits and amazing birds.

Around 200,000 hectares of the highly endangered Interior Atlantic Forest still stand in patches spread the beauty of these places. Thanks to the efforts made by several local conservation organizations and individuals, most of them have been declared reserves, and at the present they are linked to each other and to PANACAM National Park, forming a big, single conservation unit, known as the Central Highlands. This continuous forest cover supports healthy populations of big mammals, such as Jaguar, Tapir and Anteater among others. There are areas of the PANACAM where the forest canopy is dominated by birds are the closer windows to make a beautiful trip in Honduras.

The wonderful waterfall in the area can be enjoyed to their fullest by walking along the different walkways of the park and stopping at their many lookouts to behold the most spectacular views of them all. These trails have been built in different levels, and visitors have the chance to see the falls from below having a great experience. Very nice trails take you into the forest and gives you a great chance to spot birds such as: White Collared Manakin, Crimson Collared Tanager, Tody Motmot, Stripe Throated Hermit and many others while you are facing this wonderfull views over the Lake Yojoa. A myriad of colorful birds live in the trails that take you up in Highlands of Panacam: Collared Trogon, Bushy Crested Jay, Keel Billed Motmot and many other several species of forest raptors master the skies here as well. The forest canopy is home to noisy flocks of Parrots, Parakeets and Toucans. The lower layers of this rainforest are inhabited by such birds as Prevost Groun Sparrow, Green Backed Sparrow, Violaceous Trogon and many more. One can also enjoy the magic of this forest by listening to the distinctive calls of birds like Little Tinamou, Barred Antshrike, Orange billed Nightingale Thrush and many others.

Thanks to the efforts put throughout the years to preserve this park and their surrounding habitat as wild as possible.

Special Birds