Cuero y Salado

Birding at the Cuero y Salado Wild Life Refuge

Cuero y Salado Wildlife Refuge is located about 15 miles from La Ceiba on the Caribbean coast. The area forms a triangle encompassed by the Cuero and Salado rivers and the sea coast, comprises a little over 80 square miles, and was designated a protected area in 1986 because of its endangered manatee population, as well as the complex series of saltwater and freshwater wetlands it contains.

A visit to this beautiful vegetation and animal sanctuary is something that the tourist can’t miss. The trip is really beautiful because any animal can show up just about anywhere. You’ll enjoy this opportunity to delve deep into the jungle and experience a close encounter with all sort of endangered species such as monkeys, shore birds and manatees!!

Birding in Cuero y Salado would take us to species such as:

Boat-Billed Heron, Black-headed trogon, Agami heron, American pygmy kingfisher, Common potoo, And many more!!.

Special Birds