Aguan Valley

Honduran Emerald Area (Aguan Valley)

Olanchito is the largest intact thorn forest in Honduras, a rare dry tropical ecosystem fast disappearing in the country.

Several species of rare birds are found here, including an endemic green-backed sparrow, green jays, and white-lored gnatcatchers.

The forest is the only known habitat for the white-bellied wren and endemic Honduran emerald in Honduras The endemic Amazilia luciae one of the mos beautiful hummingbirds which occurs in the arid interior valleys of Honduras, where it is currently known from three sites in the northeast, and has recently been rediscovered in the west of the country.

It was not recorded between 1950 and 1988, when it was found to be common at two sites, 16 km apart, near Olanchito and Coyoles in the upper río Aguán valley, Yoro. In 1991, 22-28 birds were found in 2.5 ha of habitat near Olanchito. In 1996, it was found north-east of Gualaco in the Agalta valley, where there was less than 1 km2 of suitable habitat.

A previously unknown population was identified in the Valle de Telica, Olancho department in February 2007 .

Surveys in November 2008 located the species in six forest fragments along a 33-km transect in Santa Bárbara department; the first records in the west of the country since 1935, this place would show up species such as:

Honduran emerald, White lored knatcatcher, White bellied wren, Lesser ground cuckoo, Plumbeous kite, King vulture, And many others


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